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At Koko Green we cold-press juices everyday using fresh, seasonal and local organic fruits and vegetables.

Even though cold-pressing takes a lot of time we believe it is worth it to get the very best juice from the best produce.


So what is cold-press?

Cold-press simply means that the fruit and vegetables are slowly crushed, rather than chopped at high speed like in normal centrifuge juicers. By crushing and squeezing at low speed more of the nutrients, minerals and enymes are retained in the juice, rather than being destroyed by the exposure to heat and oxygen involved in centrifgal juicing. This way you get not only a better tasting juice but one full of all the good stuff that make our bodies thrive!



Our smoothies are delicious, packed full of goodness and are all dairy free!

Smoothies are a great way to revitalise your body with nutrient-dense goodness, super easy to digest and will give your body the fuel to keep charging on!

Come in and try one to see for yourself!